What is Wonderfalls?

  • A monkey bookend tells Jaye to lick a lightswitch.
  • A cardboard cut-out talks to Jaye while she waits to be interrogated by the N.F.P.D.
  • A stuffed bass tells Jaye to destoy her high school nemesis at their reunion.
  • A cow creamer really wants Jaye to get someone home.
  • Jaye and her therapist's monkey bookend try to prevent a murder!
  • Jay remembers her father's pink lawn flamingoes telling her to get off her ass and help.

About this website

About us

Jennifer is a happily married full-time mother who loves reading, watching Wonderfalls, and sleeping in.

Jes loves Wonderfalls, belugas, froth, ocotillo, and her howling Finkies.  She laughs, listens, and plots.

Jim’s life was changed by Wonderfalls before he’d even seen it.  He also plays accordion.

Morgan hasn’t heard of Wonderfalls. She fell on her head, and then woke up here.

Natalie is too linguistically challenged to construct a fifteen word sentence. Will this do? (She also can’t count.)

Sarah lost her mind a long time ago. She’s still looking for it.

Selina, a fan, is [insert age].

Van is a hopeless procrastinator who really doesn’t know anything about anything. Honestly.

Who Did What

Selina (a.k.a. waxlion) worked on the site design and also organized us — now that’s something!  Sarah (a.k.a. lucky) edited the opening video montage and created the site’s layout.  She also designed the awesome merchandise available at the WhatisWonderfalls and Fate’s Bitch stores at Cafepress.com, and without her perseverance the site might still be unlaunched. Her husband also provided invaluable proof-reading, tweaking, moral support and patience in getting the site finished in time for the show’s 10th anniversary. Jennifer (Fairlite2u) wrote the creators’ bios, compiled the list of crew, and gathered links and series reviews.  Van (nobody) helped gather the media clips, links, and DVD reviews.  Natalie (PaperDragon), while busy helping Smooshy tour the world, also wrote the episode blurbs.  We have Morgan (Jayebird) to thank for her idea to create this site!  She also wrote the characters’ yearbook entries and the choose–your-own-description series synopses, and helped script the video montage.  Jim (shhh... seabass!) and Jes (buddybeluga) both helped with the video montage, designed the penny cards, wrote the thanks page and compiled this information.  The eight of us are basically just one big, snarky, geographically scattered family.  Why are we so snarky?  Because we’ve all seen Wonderfalls on DVD.  Try it, it works!

Thank Yous

We at WhatisWonderfalls.com wish to thank:

The people who created SaveWonderfalls.com.  Your site encouraged and organized fans to get off their asses and campaign to save the show.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here today.

Thanks to everyone at GetHerWordsOut.com, the now-defunct official forums of SaveWonderfalls.com, for your membership and support of the show.  Thank you especially to those who participated in the Wonderfalls DVD Promotion forum for your ideas, help, supportive comments, constructive criticism and participation.  Thank you for waiting an eternity and a half for this site to be launched.  Special thanks go to Cranberry for her fearless leadership, dependable editing, and for upholding a standard of snarkiness to which we aspire.

Thank you to everyone who mentioned the DVD release in their blog, campaigned for local screenings, postered their town or university, distributed penny cards and otherwise spread the word.  Thank you for your DVD pre-orders and for supporting the WhatIsWonderfalls and Fate’s Bitch stores at Cafepress.com.

Thank you 20th Century Fox for releasing the DVDs and Buzztone for distributing them.  Thank you Ginger Nance for your help gathering media for this site and getting online fans involved in the promotion. 

Thank you Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher for giving us permission to use “Hell (Instrumental)” in the opening video montage.  We love you forever. 

Thank you Bryan Fuller, Todd Holland and Tim Minear.  Thank you Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Finneran, Lee Pace, William Sadler, Diana Scarwid, Tyron Leitso, Tracie Thoms, Neil Grayston, and Scotch Ellis Loring.  Thank you everyone else who had anything at all to do with creating Wonderfalls.  Thank you, Fate’s Bitch.  Thank you, Smooshy.  Thank you most of all.